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DexShell Technology

The technology that DexShell uses is what allows them to stand out in the market!
Along with the use of advanced materials, the answer lies in the waterproof technologies that DexShell employs when designing and manufacturing their products.


The DEXFUZE™️ technology was first developed in 2018 and applied to DexShell's new generation of seamless waterproof gloves. The technology bonds the knit glove liner and the ergonomic outer glove together by a micro dotting lamination process, with the waterproof breathable membrane sandwiched in between. This unique construction eliminates the movement between the layers of those conventional waterproof gloves and provides excellent fit and handling dexterity to wearers thus significantly enhancing hand control and grip.


The patent pending DEXLOK™️ technology was developed for stopping water from coming into the waterproof sock at the top and from soaking in when it is immersed. This design provides a real sense of being 100% waterproof and enables users to stay dry and warm across and in the river.


DexShell’s patented 4-way stretch lamination technology (DEXTRETCH™️) provides greater freedom of movement to the wearer. The sock outer and inner components with our engineered knitting composition are laminated with the membrane interlining using a micro dotting process. This features greater stretch in both warp and weft directions allowing the composite fabric to be far more flexible which, in turn, provides wearers with a snug and comfortable fit.