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The DexShell camouflage gloves are suitable for a full range of outdoor activities including hunting, military and tactical applications to provide the combination or performances or waterproofness, breathability, warmth as well as concealment from the easy observation or detection.


Outer Shell: 84% Nylon, 2% Elastane, 14% Elastics
Interlining: Porelle Membrane
Inner Glove: 37% Merino Wool, 37% Anti-pilling Acrylic, 18% Nylon, 8% Elastics


Thermal Rating

DexShell Gloves| Thermal Rating 2


Size Guide

DexShell waterproof knitted gloves are available in four sizes. Use the method illustrated below and find the approximate glove size appropriate for you.
No two hands are alike and finger length relative to palm size ranges from person to person so the best way to decide a perfect fit is of course to try them on.


SMALL 7 7-8 7-8 18-20
MEDIUM 8 8 8-9 20-23
LARGE 9 9 9-10 23-25
X LARGE 10 10 10-11 25-27

Glove Size Guide

Hold tape gauge in center of palm and measure around back of hand. Measure in centimeters, around the larges

Please also refer to: ‘Specifications’

Porelle® Membranes.

Waterproof and breathable, the Porelle® membrane that DexShell uses has Water Vapour Permeability (WVP) index 15,000 g/m2.day ASTM E96:95. The membrane is also resistant to a range of chemicals and weak acids, and passed the viral penetration test ISO 16604 made by Nelson Labs.
Porelle membranes are manufactured by PIL Membranes Ltd with over 40 years of experience in the marketplace. Porelle® is the registered trademark of KL Technologies Group Limited.


Brand DexShell
Thermal Rating On 1-5 Scale Thermal Rating level 2 -

*Washing instructions must be followed for extended life.

*When purchasing, please make sure the product purchased is appropriate for the intended use.
If unsure check the product category or email us.

*Water levels should not pass the gloves length as it may enter via the top of the glove.

*Avoid contact with sharp objects that can puncture the product.

Very good...yet could be a lot better in one criti

By: on 20 July 2022
Waterproofness is as advertised, really works well. Great color too (I'm a bird watcher). What could be better is the tightness of the fingers. Blood flow = warmth in the extremities, so anything that constricts blood flow massively reduces the effectiveness, and these fingers are *tight*. It means I'll pick these up for a windy wet day in the 15-25 degree range, but any colder and they just don't do the job. The insulation is definitely sufficient for colder conditions, proven by how warm the back of my hand and my palms are when I take off the glove. Overall they take care of two main sources of heat loss; evaporative cooling, and convection (wind). But the overly tight fingers really limits their utility and takes off a star off an otherwise perfect product.

Great slim fit gloves

By: on 6 November 2020
Warm water proof Great for skiing Can possibly use as a liner underneath GTX gloves in super cold weather

They feel great, very dexterous,

By: on 6 November 2020
They feel great, very dexterous, ideal for hunting, hiking even light farm work. Waterproofing is no joke. So far so good!

Excellent gloves, highly recommend them

By: on 6 November 2020
Excellent gloves, highly recommend them

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